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How to Prepare a Successful RFP

Preparing a successful RFP or Request for Proposal is vital to the future of a call center. An RFP pairs the call center with different vendors. Therefore, writing a good RFP is necessary in order to not choose the wrong vendor. There are several factors to consider when writing an RFP. In writing a successful RFP one must ask many questions, include hypothetical scenarios, introduce yourself, and include statistics and graphs.

Ask Questions

This will insure that the RFP will be for the type of vendor that is sought after. Otherwise, the call center can be paired with the wrong vendor, and that can cause problems from the beginning. Also, ask about training. Proper training means that the call center is able to handle different types of customers and also ask about the training classes and the ones teaching these classes. Make sure the questions are direct and straightforward, that way the vendor will give a direct, straightforward answer. The more questions asked, the more details one will be able to learn about the vendor.

Use Hypothetical Scenarios

This way you will be able to fully know what the vendor will do in certain situations, and become more acquainted with the vendor’s creativity and way of handling situations. Present problems and difficulties in these scenarios in order to see how the center is going to respond.

Introduce and Provide Information About Yourself

Let the vendor know your objectives and functions, so they better understand requirements. The more you put into the RFP about yourself, the more likelihood you will find a vendor that meets your standards. Think of it as a dating site and the RFP is helping match you to your similar mate, well introducing yourself on the RFP does just that, but it matches you up with the correct vendor.

Add Statistics and Graphs

It may take more time and effort in making your RFP, but it will make communication to the vendor much easier. Graphs and stats are a wonderful way to easily communicate with vendors. Communication can make or break the relationship with the vendor, so communication is very important.

Following these rules when preparing an RFP will increase success and make sure you are paired with the right vendor. Ask questions to insure this is the type of vendor you want, hypothetical scenarios to help you learn how the vendor will respond, introduce yourself fully, and communicate by any forms necessary.

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