EMS, Inc. provides complete call center services for businesses of every kind. We can help with inbound, outbound, chat, email, digital services, and more! 

Our areas of expertise

Inbound Call Center Support
Inbound Technical Support 
Text & SMS Services
Social Media Monitoring Services
Hospitality Solutions
Email Support
Chat Services
Customized CRM Services
Outbound Customer Services
Expert and Versatile Agents
Customer Loyalty
Health Care Customer Service


Working directly with our clients, we create a distinctive customer care solution which optimizes end user satisfaction. Whatever your needs are, we will design a customized program to achieve your customer and company goals.

Loyal customers are an essential piece of any company’s success. Since EMS focuses on giving our employees an exceptional place to work, we retain exceptional employees. The Representatives, in turn, provide superior service to your clients.

We provide a truly customized solution built to meet our clients’ needs. With this as our model, we are able to offer a wide variety of programs utilizing a wide variety of services.

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What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

CRM is a comprehensive data-base driven application for tracking and managing interactions with customers. What questions and issues are people calling in about most? How can I turn inquiries into sales ready leads? How can I increase ROI by utilizing current data? These are common questions people ask and EMS CRM is here to help discover the answers. Our team has proven experience working with almost every CRM tools:

ZenDesk, Zoho CRM, Sugar CRM, Sonic CRM, Meridian, Aspect, Cisco, Sonar, Sabre, Oracle, Sage, CAMS, CSG.

Since your program is unique, your CRM should be unique to fully align with your program’s goals. Contact EMS today.

Are you looking to increase customer loyalty, satisfaction scores, or sales? 

EMS provides the premier customer support for your program!