Call Center Operations: A Crucial Function

When it comes to call center operations, some people assume it is mostly about managing calls coming in and out. If you are someone who has worked with a call center like EMS or has worked for a call center like EMS, you know that it goes much deeper than that. Have you ever wondered what goes into managing a successful call center? The answer boils down to a few things: great people, effective daily operations, and tried and true technology.

The operation of a call center is a critical function that manages and oversees the activities and processes of the business. When the company’s operations are running efficiently and effectively, and the business is meeting its goals and objectives, you can almost bet on an increase in sales and productivity. What does a productive call center operation look like and why is it so important? EMS has been in the call center business for over 20 years now. With years comes experience in the field, and we’re always happy to share it!

Efficient call center services are non-negotiable to building a loyal and satisfied customer base. Happy customers enhance a company’s image and brand loyalty.

According to a report from ZenDesk, “73% of customers “fall in love” with a company because of experiences with friendly customer service representatives. (Alternatively, over 82% of customers have taken their business elsewhere after a poor customer service experience.)”

Overall quality and satisfaction have to happen daily. And it all starts with daily operations. Call center operations are complex and very time-sensitive. Operations include call center systems, activities, and specific processes necessary for the functioning of a call center like EMS. The business requires systems and procedures to run smoothly to avoid any problems along the way. That’s why the following is so important to call center operations.

Strategic planning – This is where it all starts. Do you ever do something without thinking only about things that a bit more planning would have been beneficial for all? Strategic planning regularly helps set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that you are reaching your goals, and more. This is the baseline for everything that you do. Everything you do should go back to your overall goals as a company and the goals of the business you are representing.

The Call Center Team – The staff as a whole must operate and work together effectively. A call center has a lot going on and the environment plays a big part in a call center. Who you hire is crucial. Daily operations of a call center are run by the administration team, leaders, team managers, trainers, agents, or representatives. Hiring the right people is the initial key to a successful call center.

Training – Once you have hired the right people, training them in all things call center and customer service is the next step. At EMS, we use the latest programs and technology to best work with your businesses and their customers. Implementing the right Customer Relationship Management tools is essential. Training is a big part of the everyday operations plan.

Quality Assurance and Technology – Is it working? Is it not? How can you know if you are not looking to analyze the data? Quality assurance is about call monitoring and scoring. The purpose is to identify and understand behavioral patterns and develop a training curriculum to support continuous improvement. And it all comes back to hiring good people, training them to be well-prepared for what’s to come, and then learning and growing along the way.

At EMS, we use a comprehensive database-driven application for tracking and managing interactions with customers. The integration of a CRM is important for many reasons.

Note: A Call center customer relationship management (CRM) refers to a software tool that call center agents use to enhance the customer experience and increase efficiency. Call center CRM systems store records about customers, such as account information and contact history.

What questions and issues are people calling in about most? How can I turn inquiries into sales-ready leads? How can I increase the return on your investment by utilizing current data? EMS uses tools such as ZenDesk, Zoho CRM, Sugar CRM, Sonic CRM, Meridian, and more. We offer training for each and have employees with years of experience in this area of operations. Technology, planning, and organization are all important to day-to-day successful operations.

Managing call center operations effectively can be challenging. With the right operations manager, a reliable and trained team, with trusted strategies, EMS can provide successful call center services. We have high standards and track our performance to make sure we are providing the best to our customers, but that shouldn’t be a negative. We want to be the best! And it all starts with the operations department.

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