When to hire out to help with your inbound calls

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When to Hire Out to Help With Your Inbound Calls Whether it’s something new to explore or a resource you’ve used, hiring a company to handle your customer service calls can often be what a business needs. Not only can we help take on the burden of too many tasks coming in at once, but […]

Work from Home with EMS

work from home with ems

Work From Home with EMS Did you know that we offer work-from-home options to our valued employees? Once you have the training, we get you set up for success while working from home! And no worries, our management team is readily available for any questions you have during your work hours. There are many benefits […]

5 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Experience

5 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Experience In 2022, just providing adequate customer service simply isn’t going to cut it anymore. With more options than ever at their fingertips, customers aren’t just looking for decent customer service, they want an experience. And with limitless resources such as online reviews and social media, it won’t be […]

Join us at EMS to Gain Skills in Many Areas!

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Join us at EMS to Gain Valuable Skills Working in customer service offers many benefits that people can carry with them for years to come. From accelerated training to superior people skills, many jobs in the customer service arena teach individuals things they may not learn elsewhere about work, people, and life.  It’s no surprise […]

6 Reasons Why The Customer Experience is Important​

6 Reasons Why Customer Service is Important Did you know that 67% of customers cite ‘bad customer experience’ as their reason for leaving a service behind! Excellent customer experience, much like poor customer experience, can create a lasting impression in a consumer’s mind. Faced with more purchasing options than ever before, customers are turning to […]

3 Ways to Put Your Customers First

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3 Ways to Put Your Customers First An important lesson we’ve learned over the years of having a successful customer service call center is to listen to our customers. You probably hear that all of the time in the customer service world, but at EMS we take it to the next level by building our […]

5 Ways to Sound More Professional on the Phone

lady on the phone

5 Ways to Sound More Professional on the Phone When speaking on the phone is the way you put money in the bank it’s important to be good at it. This requires a balance of many skills including friendliness, patience, empathy, and knowledge of your industry, and these skills can all be amplified by one […]

The Consumer-Brand Relationship: Unlocking Brand Loyalty​

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The Consumer-Brand Relationship: Unlocking Brand Loyalty Building a strong brand relationship with your consumers is the best way to establish brand loyalty, which is what every business strives for. When you’ve got loyal customers, you’re able to focus on serving them well with the confidence that you’ll continue receiving their business. In turn, your customers […]

Why Outsourcing Your Customer Service is Just Smart​

Why Outsourcing Your Customer Service is Just Smart​ With a multitude of training materials, webinars, and classes available online for just about any skill a person wants to learn, it’s probably safe to say we live in an era of a do-it-yourself mentality. Do you want to learn how to macrame? There’s a class for […]

5 Great Things About Living in Omaha, Nebraska

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5 Great Things about Omaha, Nebraska When it comes to natural beauty, it’s hard to top the Grand Canyon, and we hear that if you want the best cheese-steak sandwich, Philadelphia is where it’s at. But when it comes to home, for us, Omaha is awfully hard to beat. There’s just something about life in […]