EMS Can Help Your B2B or B2C Reach Its Goals

EMS Can Help Your B2B or B2C Reach Its Goals

EMS builds each outbound program to achieve its goals in the most effective manner. Our outbound specialists have years of outbound calling experience. Our employees understand the value of the interaction. EMS utilizes predictive, preview, and smart dialing to run your program as efficiently as possible. Let EMS handle your outbound program, and our specialists will work to achieve your goal!

Whether you are looking for qualified leads, to do some fundraising, increase sales, or for any other outbound objective, let our team use its experience to ensure your program’s success. 

Outbound Customer Service

Our outbound customer service offerings complement the inbound customer service services. If an inbound caller requires a callback, the same Customer Service Agent can make an outbound call to follow up and ensure your client’s needs are met. How about adding a click-to-callback button on your Web site? If your customer wants to be contacted, they click the button to let us know, and we will reach out to them to answer their questions and take care of their needs. We even assist with getting the button set up on your site. If issues arise via a security breach, product recall, or any other reason with foreseen issues, we can also be preemptive with your customers and reach out to them before they are upset and reach out to you. And if your customers are only available at certain times or certain days, we can schedule a call for those times. We have the team in place to successfully run and manage your outbound customer service program no matter the size or goal.


Outbound surveys vary greatly in size and scope. They also vary in goals and metrics. We have worked with such a variety of surveys, that you can utilize our expertise no matter your survey size or goal. Some examples of surveys we work with are customer satisfaction surveys, product surveys, political surveys, and employee surveys. From Large to small, we handle all surveys in a customized approach. Surveys can be a few quick-to-answer questions or a longer more in-depth survey aimed at getting full feedback or perceptions on a new product/policy. When you have the information you would like to gather, give us a call, and let us work with you to compile all the data you need.

Lead Generation / Qualification

Have a market you would like to target? Or a long list of names you would like to reach? Our Outbound Specialists will call everyone for you. We have experience in both B2C and B2B markets. Whether you are looking to reach consumers within a specific demographic or get your product/service into businesses of a specific industry, let our Outbound Specialists do the heavy lifting for you. All data collected is sent to you for follow-up. Wouldn’t it be great to have a long list of qualified leads? Imagine the ROI.

Outbound Sales / Telemarketing

Let our experienced sales staff increase your sales numbers. Our staff will call your predetermined list of prospects to generate sales for your product or service. We have the expertise to sell a wide range of price points. No matter where your price point falls, we can help build the scripts or talking points to maximize your sales. EMS handles long and short sales cycles and also provides product demos, software demos, and online walkthroughs/tutorials. Potential buyers will receive calls from the same agent every time to build stronger relationships and increase the probability of purchase.


Have a cause you need to raise money for? EMS will call your list of names and collect donations on behalf of your cause. Fundraisers are most common for non-profit organizations and schools, although we do work with other causes and/or businesses as well. We maximize donations by using previous donation information, if available, to determine a range of donation options to give donors. Use what they donated last time to know their comfort range and reach a little further. All results are provided in real-time for ease of tracking fundraising progress.


Looking to generate more leads, increase sales, or raise money?

Let the Outbound Specialists at EMS work for you to achieve your goal. Contact us today. https://emscrm.com/contact/

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