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How to Find Happiness in the Work Place in 2021

What? Are you telling me that not everyone loves their job? No way! We simply can’t believe it.

According to a report by the Conference Board, a New York-based nonprofit research group, 52% of people are unhappy at work. Over half of the people sitting at the office or working in the drive thru right now are not pleased with what they do to pay their bills. Are you in the unhappy or happy half of this statistic? We hope that, especially if you work for us, you are content with your profession. But if not, what should you do? Is there anything you can do to find happiness in a job that you don’t absolutely, positively LOVE? The answer is: yes. Of course, if you currently work from home, you’ll need to apply these suggestions to that scenario also. 

Let’s start by defining happiness at the work place. Ask yourself these 5 questions:

1. Do you dread doing your work most days?

2. Does your mood change drastically when you think about your work “to-do” list?

3. Do you find yourself emotionally drained while you’re working?

4. Do you steer clear of coworkers and other social opportunities (when offered)?

5. Would you automatically decline an extra shift if a manager offered you one?

If you answered YES to 3-5 of the above questions, it is safe to say that you join the ranks of the 52% of unhappy people from the report mentioned above. Unfortunately, once you find yourself in unhappiness mode at work it can be hard to get yourself out of it. Whether you are unhappy or happy, consider the few tips listed below to help make your days brighter at work. You have to be there, right? Why not try to make the experience a more positive one!

10 Quick tips to help make your work experience better:

1. Smile and smile some more. If you force yourself to smile (and even laugh) you will see positive results. People around you might find your smiles contagious and laughing infectious. Making someone else’s day better is a great reason to start enjoying work. Remember, people can even “see” a smile over the phone. 

2. Eat a healthy lunch. You’ve heard the saying that you are what you eat, right? This applies to most people. Eat a healthy lunch or snack to work and you might find yourself with more energy, which can directly affect your mood.

3. Try to see the positive side. Some people are so unhappy that it seems impossible for them to see the benefits that their job might bring to the table. Post a reminder at your desk or have a symbol that represents the positive side of what you are doing – perhaps a charm bracelet with a dollar sign charm on it! At least you have a paycheck coming at the end of your two weeks, right?

4. Keep a list. Have a working list of the things you do enjoy at work and pull out your list whenever you start to feel unhappy. This can work with a lot of things in your life!

5. Talk to someone (even if it has to be over the phone). You might consider talking to someone about how you are feeling at work. This could be someone at work or in your personal life. A lot of people have experienced this exact feeling and can relate. A manager might be able to recommend something you’d never thought of before.

6. Take time for yourself. Some people work so hard that they forget to take time for themselves. If you get a break while at work, take it. If you’re off at 5:30, go home and relax for a bit before opening the work email again. Don’t overwork yourself! This could make anyone unhappy.

7. Have goals. When you have a goal that you are trying to achieve it makes doing something you don’t exactly love that much easier. Keep reminding yourself that what you learn at this job could help you with your future. Stay focused on your goals.

8. Join in the fun (when you can)! Some companies will have parties, work sports teams or social events while on the clock or after work. Getting involved can help you feel better about what you are doing. And, who knows, they might provide free food. And free stuff is always nice!

9. Make suggestions to your manager. If you have ideas that will help you and/or others enjoy the work day, share them with your boss. Perhaps it’s something simple that they can implement company-wide. You never know until you try!

10. Work from home when you can! This a a new one that we added with 2021 in mind. Work from home when you can or when you feel like you should. 

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