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8 Tips - How can you tell if a customer is satisfied?

To all of our fellow customer service employees out there…

It’s probably no surprise to hear that some people are more expressive than others. So how do you know when someone is truly satisfied with the result of a customer service call? From the disgruntled caller to the less communicative upset customer, there are several signs and cues to listen to or watch for to help you know that you’ve delivered the proper resolution.

Whether you are a call center customer service representative, cashier, or in-store associate, these tips can help you be a better employee. Here is what you can do to gauge your interaction to better understand if the caller’s needs have been met. 

8 tips to help you feel more comfortable in knowing that a customer is satisfied:

1. Hear the customer – Has their voice changed from the beginning of the call to the end of it? Do they sound happier?

2. Ask them directly – Have I resolved your issues today? Was I able to help you with all of your questions?

3. Take note of the length of the call – If someone hangs up on you or is very short with their responses, this could be a sign that you are not on the right track.

4. Trust your gut – Most of the time you can tell by listening and paying attention to the call and the non-verbal cues, i.e. extended periods of silence on the line.

5. Address all unanswered issues – You might not know all of the answers, but you can help the customer feel better about the questions that they might have.

6. Don’t forget to follow up – If you say you will follow up, do not drop the ball. It is the quickest way for a customer to lose trust in a company.

7. Go above and beyond – You can get to the root of the matter by listening to the customer, showing empathy, and understanding what they are actually calling about. When you take the time to understand what someone is going through, the resolution becomes a natural part of the conversation.

8. Pay attention to how fast they are talking – Someone talking at an abnormal rate may still be upset. Be sure to pay attention to how they are talking, what they are saying, and what noises they are making on the line. It will usually tell you a lot about their mood.

Most customers that call in are looking for something specific. Do they want credit on their account? Are they looking for someone to understand their situation and offer to understand? As a customer service representative, it is your job to get to the root of the matter, whether or not the customer comes right out with their problem or not. Using patience and asking the right questions will eventually lead you to a successful resolution and a happy customer.

Remember that once in a while there is a customer that just wants to vent and take out their frustrations. Try to stay calm and know that you are doing a great job, even if you can’t make every customer happy. Thank you for all that you do!

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