Social Media is Important in Customer Service

Social Media is Important in Customer Service

In today’s world, everything is fast-paced. Consumers want fast responses, fast service, fast answers, and even fast food. Companies have started using social media to their advantage when it comes to this fast pace.

Post a video or photo on a social media site and it will spread like wildfire, going viral in a matter of hours or less. Why not use this effect to get the word out about products or services? Even the kid next door has a social media page advertising his lawn service!

Everywhere you look someone or some company is using advertising to reach specific audiences with specific interests. Social Media makes this possible without much effort and sometimes without spending.

Say a customer is happy with a certain product they have recently used, and they leave a review on the company’s social media page expressing their like and satisfaction with the company’s product. This, in turn, sets off a chain reaction, in which another potential customer reads this positive review on social media, leading to another purchase and hopefully, another satisfied customer leaving positive feedback.

In addition, while on social media, companies can pay to insert ads. The social media sites will match up the company’s ads to the certain interests listed in an individual’s profile. That way, the right audience for a particular product is targeted and sales are made.

Social Media users may even share their positive experience with a product on their personal pages, allowing for exposure to everyone who has access to their page. That is what’s called free advertising.

Free advertising is a key phrase when it comes to social media playing a key role in customer service and sales. Social media makes it possible for the company to quickly address the dreaded negative reviews they will inevitably receive especially on social media. If a customer leaves a negative review on the company’s social media page, or tags the company in this review, the company can quickly identify and address it.

This helps when it comes to potential customers reading a negative review and not making a purchase because of it. If the company is able to address the negative review in a timely manner, then hopefully give a valid explanation. This will show that they care about their customers and will quickly resolve any issue when it comes to their product.

The use of social media has greatly improved today’s sales and customer service by reaching a vast audience, and quickly being able to respond to their client’s needs. If you need help with social media monitoring, please contact us. We would be happy to help!

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