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Dedicated Agents: What They Are and Why it Works

A dedicated agent is someone who works solely for your business and your business alone. As a call center services agency, EMS offers dedicated agents (among other types of customer service representatives). A dedicated agent is a loyal resource just for you! There are many benefits to having one representative that only works for one particular business at a time. Below are a few reasons to consider having EMS help you with one or more dedicated agents for your business or organization. 

What is a caller looking for when calling your business’s customer service agency? Nine times out of ten, they are looking for someone they can trust and that is knowledgeable about the product or service. A dedicated agent can quickly become a subject matter expert for said businesses. It’s just like when you work for one job as opposed to two or three. With practice, repetition, and resources, you can learn faster and oftentimes more efficiently.  

Note that someone who does more than one job at a time can be just as effective. However, there might just be a longer transition period or learning time as opposed to someone dedicated fully to one job in itself. There could also be a lag period. If one person has multiple businesses they represent, there could be a time when they are not taking a call for your business for hours or days (if multiple agents are working for your business). 

In short, here are a few quick reasons why a dedicated agent can be ideal: 

  • A dedicated agent helps with your customer call center needs for as many hours in the day as you need them to.
  • There is often a higher level of efficiency with dedicated agents. 
  • A dedicated agent can come off as more confident, knowledgeable, and natural. 
  • Dedicated agents are extensively trained on your business, industry, culture, and protocols before answering a single call. Their expertise grows with each call! 

For multiple reasons, a dedicated agent is an extension of your company. Whether they handle inbound or outbound calls, dedicated agents are focused solely on your program. Give it a try!


We have dedicated agents available 24/7 or part of the day. If you are interested in learning more about working with EMS, just call 1-800-233-8811. We are a privately owned company out of Omaha, Nebraska. EMS offers agents who speak more than one language.

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